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Meet Shaina -
Hair Extensions Specialist

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Hairloom - NBR - Hair Extensions Specialist

Welcome to Hairloom Extensions and Styling! I'm Shaina Campbell, your dedicated hair extensions specialist. From childhood, I’ve been enamored with the art of hair styling. My early days were filled with braiding and styling dolls, guided solely by books and a budding passion.

Today, I live for those radiant moments when my guests witness their dream hair come to life. That first look, the instant spark in their eyes — it's pure magic and drives my passion daily.

While I've invested countless hours and traveled miles for the best trainings — from the Natural Beaded Rows method in California to mastering the Invisible Beaded Row technique — my aim remains simple: to instill you with unmatched confidence. When you're seated in my chair, anticipate a custom experience, tailored just for you. From your natural locks to extensions, I ensure everything melds seamlessly, both in color and style.

Being a mom, I deeply cherish family moments. This salon, focused solely on extensions, allows me the beautiful balance of pursuing my passion while spending precious time with my loved ones.

Outside of hair, I’m an avid dog enthusiast (show me your fur babies!), a former dancer with a love for rhythm and movement, and a traveler who finds solace on the west coast, be it with family in Arizona or by the sunny beaches of California.

Your journey to magnificent hair and a dose of confidence awaits. Can't wait to meet you!

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